We’ve added, for your convenience, some of the common questions raised:

What kind of music do you play?

We’ll be playing a large variety of classic Rock, Pop, Country & Western, lots of your favourite hits and love songs including music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. We will have a programme ranging from fast popular dance music to the slower ballads, to allow anyone to join in and dance the night away.

Do we have to buy tickets in advance?

No it’s a ‘turn up on the night’ and pay at the door evening. We take cash only.

Can I pay at the entry with EFTPOS/Credit card?

Unfortunately we can only accept cash payment at the door. However the Club facilities and ATMs downstairs are all available to you.

What time do the events run from and to?

The music starts at 7:00pm and we conclude at 12:00pm Midnight. Which means if you wish to eat out you can avail yourselves of the RSL Club dining room downstairs during the evening and buy a snack or full dinner.

Is there any off-street parking at the RSL Club?

There is always street parking available down the side roads around the RSL Club, but there is also a limited off-street park at the rear of the Club building.

Is it for singles and married partners?

Yes we encourage singles and partners, although this is not strictly a singles night. It’s just an opportunity to dance the night away with a loved one or just make new acquaintances and have fun dancing and meeting new people.

Will there be seating?

Yes seating and a mix of table sizes are set for the night, but we suggest you get there early in the night to secure a table for you and your friends, or just for you and a new friend..

Can people wear jeans?

No, jeans and designer jeans are considered to be too casual for our events. Our dress code is strictly smart or formal for men (ties optional) and elegant for women. We reserve the right to refuse entry to those who do not meet the dress standard. This adherence to our dress code ensures the highest standards for your evening and we do appreciate your co-operation!

Is alcohol available on the night?

Yes the Club will be providing a fully manned bar facility in our auditorium for all your drink purchases.

Do you provide any food at the event?

Tea and Coffee are available on Floor 2 but if you feel like a meal before or during the night then the RSL Bistro is available on the second Floor for you to purchase a great dinner or snack

What if I want to spend some time at dinner or the pokies downstairs on the night - can I get back in?

Yes! All our clients will receive an ink stamp on the hand, on entry payment which will allow you free movement in and out of Dancing Nights.

How often do you host events?

We plan to hold the event once per month, on the third weekend of each month, at this venue. If you decide to register on our ‘Registration’ page we will email you the date of the next event.

How much does the evening cost?

Admission will cost $25 per person.

Why have you indicated an age limit?

We want to provide a venue where over 35’s can come and expect to enjoy music from every era of Rock and Pop going back to the Beatles, Bee Gees, Elvis and right up to today’s classics. The young folks have all the night clubs around the City catering for that age group with their boom, boom music. We older adults have very limited opportunities in Sydney to just dance the night away to our kind of music, but now we can!

If you do have a question about something that isn't covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us!