1.Entry / Re-entry / Eviction

The proprietors of the Dancing Nights events reserve the right to refuse entry and/or evict patrons, at the discretion of the site Manager, under the following general conditions:

  • The general dress code level is not adhered to as described.
  • The payment acknowledgement ink stamp is not apparent on the patron’s hand, where re-entry is requested.
  • The patron requesting entry is not generally within the advertised age group range.
  • The patron requesting entry is behaving in a manner which may cause disturbance, harm or damage to other patrons or property within the venue.
  • The patron inside the venue is evicted due to unreasonable behaviour which may cause disturbance, harm or damage to other patrons or property.
  • The patron is obviously intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs, in the obvious possession of any weapon or enters the venue with the intent or does attempt to sell, deal or distribute an illicit drug.

2.Cancellation of the Event

In the instance where Dancing Nights may be required to cancel or postpone an advertised event date, all reasonable steps will be taken to notify the public via the Mosman RSL media, Dancing Nights website and local media. All entries will be paid for at ‘point of entry’ on the night of the advertised event. If subsequent cancellation is required of that event, then a full refund for that night’s entry fee will be provided, at the discretion of the Dancing Nights organisers. Any refund will be redeemed on the night of the event and no subsequent claims, post the event will be provided.

3.Personal Information

Any personal information (e.g email addresses) which may be collected over time to provide patrons advice on upcoming events will be held secure for Dancing Nights events only and will not be passed on nor sold on to any third party. Photos taken on the night by Dancing Nights, to record events, will only be published on the Dancing Nights website and patron’s permission will be sought prior to publication, where practicable. However by obtaining admission to the event, the patron unconditionally consents to the abovementioned photo’s being made and to the publication and use thereof on the Dancing Nights website.


In the event that a patron communicates a complaint to Dancing Nights or Mosman RSL staff during or after the advertised event, then at the discretion of the Dancing nights organisers on site, a complaint will be addressed on site or the contact details of that patron will be obtained in order to have the complaint addressed post the particular event. All reasonable steps will be taken to provide satisfactory resolutions to complaints by patrons, as soon as practicable.

5.Loss or Damages

Dancing Nights will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by patrons at advertised events or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of attending the event.

6.Entry Fee and Event Location

Dancing Nights reserve the right to vary both the entry fee and location of the events over time and will advertise that accordingly on the Dancing Nights website and local media.

7.Information on the Website

Dancing Nights pays great attention and care to the provision of information on the Website, it cannot guarantee in relation to the nature and content of the information and is in no way liable for the content and consequences of others using that information. Insofar as there may be links on the Website of a third party, Dancing Nights is neither responsible nor liable for the functioning of that link, the access to or the content of the information on any such website.